Brokerage Processing

Outsourced service that is bundled into the Opex Solution

Key elements of our service include:

  • Setup and configuration of the brokerage software
  • Uploading of historical brokerage transaction history
  • Monthly processing
  • Meaningful management reporting
  • Helpdesk support

Delivered by a highly experienced team

The team at Opex has extensive experience in the administration, processing and distribution of Brokerage payments for AFSL operators.

We have previously managed teams within large independent and institutionally owned dealer groups, so we know what you need and the challenges you face in ensuring you deliver this service regularly, reliably and with integrity.

Call us today so we can discuss your requirements, demo the business reporting and determine a cost effective solution for you.

Integrated solution

For those businesses using the Opex Solution, you have a integrated solution with powerful business management reporting via Xeppo. The benefits of subscribing to the Brokerage Processing, XPLAN Managed Service and Xeppo include

  • FDS generation, monitoring and supervision
  • Revenue analysis across your entire client base
  • Business Reporting (live and interactive)

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