‘You don’t know, what you don’t know’

There is a reason we have the word “consulting” in the name of our business! Let us show you what like-minded buinesses do by using the Opex Solution…..

Some of the most common queries we get asked:

Data Collection Tools

We have a range of data collection tools and templates (both online and paper-based) to suit your requirements. Templates include:

  • Pre-appointment and review questionnaires
  • Fact Finds (Comprehensive, Risk only and Business Risk)
  • Digital Fact Find

Key Features of these tools include:

  • Use our comprehensive scoping module or incorporate your own text
  • Comprehensive pre-defined (and customisable) range of Needs and Objectives
  • Ability to “reverse fact find” existing client information to streamline fact find process
  • Word version of fact finds available for you to brand and pre-print for client facing requirements
  • Provide a web portal to allow the prospect or client to record data about themselves and push it into the Opex Solution

Workflow Processes

Every business has a “unique way of doing things” relating to advice delivery. But we are happy to show you how our clients address it within the Opex Solution. Our recommended approach is to keep these processes as simple as possible.

The most common requests include:

  • New Client process
  • Review process
  • Implementation process

Call us today so we can discuss your requirements, demo the business reporting and determine a solution for you.

Management Reporting and Business Analytics

Want to know if you are using your solution well and gain a clear picture of how the practice is performing at an operational level?

We can provide you with rich interactive reports with real-time data metric dashboards.

Review Process

In the majority of cases, practices spend 60-70% of their time servicing existing clients. Hence it is vital that you have an advice process and associated tools to support what is the heart of your business.

Opex have developed a range of client servicing tools. This includes:

    • Review Report Wizard (including bulk solution)
    • SOA Strategic Review Wizard
    • ROA Wizard, ROA Letter (including bulk solution) and ROA Filenote
    • Fee Disclosure Statement Wizard
    • Monitoring and supervision to track delivery of these services

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